Perkins Engines

Perkins Engines

Company / Project Profile
  • Diesel engine manufacturer
  • For use within a purpose built marine diesel engine test chamber
Key Facts
  • Flammable gas detection sampling systems
  • Specific design to accommodate equipment being moved to suit different engine types under test

Frontline Safety supplied a number of gas detection systems for a client requiring an adaptable, flexible, solution to gas monitoring within a diesel engine test bay. The specification for the project demanded a gas detection system to monitor for flammable gases within an engine test bay, the engines being large enough to drive a ships propeller systems. Whatever equipment that would be supplied as the monitoring system would need to be as discreet as possible as available space within the engine test enclosure was severely limited – there were a number of fixed items that would often need removing to allow for the installation of a new engine under test.

Aspirating sensor circuits were installed at strategic locations around the engine bay, with only the aspirating tubes within the test bay. As the only equipment within the test bay was the sample tubes, typically a 6mm diameter Nylon flexible instrument tube, there was little interruption to the fixed elements of the gas detection systems – controller and sensors – when the sample tube was temporarily removed. Because of this, the system could provide the required flexibility without requiring the installation of many, or bulky fixed items.

"A number of fixed items would often need removing to allow for the installation of a new engine under test."

Frontline Safety’s engineers worked closely with the client’s engineers during the installation phase of the project to ensure that a balance was achieved between installing a system that could be repeatedly moved (to accommodate different engine models and shapes), and locating the sample lines and associated sample points in the correct position to achieve the most effective detection of flammable gases.

The gas detection system was configured to provide output signals to the site Building Management System for local indication of alarms and, on receipt of a high level alarm, an automatic shutdown of the test rig.

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