BAE Barrow

BAE Barrow

Company / Project Profile
  • BAE Systems manufacture submarines
  • Hydrogen Gas evolved from Cathodic Protection systems
Key Facts
  • Bespoke Control system designed within high IP rated enclosure
  • Multi-point sampling of inaccessible areas for Hydrogen gas
  • Sampling lines up to 100m in length

Frontline Safety were commissioned to design and supply a monitoring system for BAE Systems in Barrow-in-Furness. It was determined that, in the Wet Dock area, the installed Cathodic Protection system generated small quantities of Hydrogen and a detection system was required to monitor and record gas emissions. Due to difficulties in positioning conventional point detectors underneath the Wet Dock the proposed solution utilised a multi-point sample systems.

Frontline Safety designed and supplied a bespoke gas detection system for monitoring potential Hydrogen gas releases from a Wet Dock area, associated with ship-building, for the MOD.

It was believed that Hydrogen Gas could be released into the area where personnel were working on the construction and testing of new vessels, and a monitoring system was required to demonstrate the levels of gas recorded at strategic points around the Wet Dock. The monitoring system would continuously sample from strategic points along the Dock and provide a local warning in the event of a confirmed presence of Hydrogen gas.

"The monitoring system would continuously sample from strategic points and provide a local warning in the event of a confirmed presence of Hydrogen Gas"

The system was also required to provide facilities for data logging of Hydrogen over the course of one year. The original specification for the system required the control panel to be mounted outside and therefore had some stringent environmental protection parameters set. As part of the overall system design, measures were introduced to limit the possible spread or ignition of any flammable gases entering the sample system enclosure.

The control system provided continuous monitoring of nine separate sample points along the Wet Dock Quay, some of the sample lines exceeded 100 metres in length. Despite the limited access to the sample area (where the sampling lines were run beneath the Dock in existing cable tray, and the need to work around the demands of the MOD project, the sampling system was installed and commissioned, by Frontline Safety engineers, on time.

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