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Throughout industry there are a great number of businesses that use, or produce, industrial gases as part of their everyday processes. Despite the most stringent safety measures within these processes, there exists the possibility that some of these gases may escape into the working environment. To ensure that operators, the plant, and the environment are not put at any un-necessary risk an effective gas detection system is required to provide the earliest possible warning of a gas leak.

We also have an in-house service team who can take care of the servicing of your portable gas detectors.  
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Case Studies

BAE Barrow
BAE Barrow - Fixed Gas Detection System

Frontline Safety were commissioned to design and supply a monitoring system for BAE Systems in Barrow-in-Furness. It was determined that, in the Wet Dock area, the installed Cathodic Protection system generated small quantities of Hydrogen and a detection system was required to monitor and record gas emissions.

Perkins Engines
Perkins Engines - Fixed Gas Detection System

A number of gas detection systems were supplied by Frontline Safety to monitor flammable gases within an engine test bay.

Fire Protection Performance Tests

We worked closely with manufacturers of fire protection systems in order to design and execute a series of a controlled fire performance tests.  This particular product was two-fold.


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