The accessories below are suitable for use with Frontline Safety's range of controllers, sampling systems and sensors.  This includes power supply units and status indicators.

Status Indicator

Status Indicator

A remote module for a variety of warning and alarm applications. Provides three user selectable levels of alarms.
Key Features
  • User selectable window text
  • Robust and weatherproof
  • Clear indication of increasing hazard
  • Slave relays for further operations
Frontline Combi 32 Way Relay Unit

Frontline Combi 32 Way Relay Unit

Accepts relay data from the combi control unit.
Key Features
  • Automatic recognition of address recognised by unit on power up
  • Any number of relays can be connected together
  • Can be programmed to accept commands for relays 1-32 or 33-64
Frontline 707 PSU

Frontline 707 PSU

Power supply pulsed battery charger. Maintains a DC supply to gas detection systems.
Key Features
  • LED status indicators
  • Protection from short circuit and over voltage
  • Made from mild steel

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