There are various fossil fuels, chemicals and gases (including liquid) which can present a danger in the marine industry. The exposure to, or incorrect use of these may result in a risk of asphyxiation, poisoning or explosion. The displacement of oxygen, through the use of nitrogen or inert gases can also lead to potentially fatal environments.

Gases commonly found in the marine industry include:

Hydrocarbon flammable gases, including Liquid Natural Gas, Liquid Petroleum Gas, Methane (Natural Gas)

Toxic gases: including hydrogen sulphide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO) and Oxygen (O2) depletion.

Marine Applications

Typical applications in the marine industry which involve the use of or the exposure to gas include the inspection of ships, leak detection, working within airlocks, engine room gas supply pipelines and the inerting or purging of cargo tanks. Risks may also be taken when taking clearance measurements of tanks and cargo bays, when entering below deck in a vessel and when entering a confined space such as an electric motor room, hold spaces or inter-barrier spaces.

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